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  • Find some art that you like

    While in Croix-des-Bouquet, find some Haitian metal working art that you are interested in and haggle smartly until you reach a price that you think the art is worth. We recommend settling for about 1/5th of the sellers original asking price.

  • Obtain a receipt from the artist

    It might sound crazy but try to get some sort of receipt from the artist or seller. A scratch piece of paper that describes the item enough that it can be determined if someone has pulled a switch-a-roo on you.

  • Take it all to a certified Extol Shipping Agent

    Find the nearest Certified Extol Shipping Agent as identified by the our Certification Sign. They will have a square box (there's no pizza inside) for your art, and forms in English and French for you to fill out.

  • Let us get it to your door

    It doesn't pay to worry! We ship tons of products out of Haiti, so we've got experience in shipping and customs. We'll make sure your product reaches your doorstep or we'll refund your purchase completely.

  • Wait for
    your art
    to arrive!

Commercial Shipping

Have your Haitian products delivered to our office in Haiti or contact us to arrange pick-up from your supplier. We can also arrange payment to your Haitian suppliers to avoid bank charges and to ensure that product is actually received. If in Haiti, do plan to stop by...

Your products are safe with us. We make weekly consolidated air cargo shipments from Haiti to Miami, handling export/import documentation in both locations.

Most shipments from Miami go out via UPS but you can specify another U.S. carrier any time before the product leaves Haiti. Our Miami-based personnel are just a phone call away.

You (or your customer anywhere in the world) can look forward to receiving your Haitian purchases in good condition and on time. Tracking is available online.

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